Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Tribute

To my 6-1'o7,

It is very difficult to be a teacher. There are many things to prepare, to mark, to consider, to remember, to do, to not do, to say, to not say, to remediate, to supplement, to highlight, to warn, to tell, to congratulate, to think through, to review, to ask, to collect, to learn, to discuss, to discover, to celebrate... well I think you got my point.

But for the past three years or so, almost everyday, I look forward to go to school... almost every day. And 6-1'o7, you guys are the very reason why this is so. On some days, in fact on many days, you guys were the ONLY reason for me to look forward to go to school.

Trust me when I say that it pains me when I had to appear angry, when I had to pretend to scold you guys, when I had to say things I really did not find pleasure in saying. But like any responsible teacher/father/friend, I had to say what must be said.

I honestly, really enjoy the constant resistance you guys put up in class, when you challenge what I say and even when you challenge the school rules. I have never felt so proud as a teacher, as when you managed to prove me wrong. Like I have mentioned many times in class, the world needs more people who have the guts to correct what is wrong, to be able to speak truth to power, to be able to articulate arguments responsibly, to be able to empathize with the weak and to be driven by justice, love and compassion. I am confident that these qualities, the desire to correct what is wrong and to help those who are weak, will stay with you always.

The class would of course be nothing without the individuals that gives it so much character, so much flavour, so much memories:

The sagacious Albin, the hilarious Shao Wei, the cool Leon, the adorable Gerard, the confident Jonathan, the competent Zhen Yu, the best-dressed Jwalan, the kind-hearted Desmond, the enthusiastic Yong Jie, the gentle-giant Sean, the articulative Sendil, the kindest Sinhao, the cerebral Yi Ming, the serene Zhixin, the unforgettable Chun Chuan, the brainy Paul, the sharp Zuo Xuan, the gentleman Raymond and the imaginative Eugene.

The delightful Kar Mun, the discerning Linying, the insightful Manda, the brilliant Thanjit, the gentle Thiviya, the sapient Jeanne, the quiet Huiqing, the calm Grace, the cool Xin Yu, the logical Anisha, the tall Nancy, the talented Jany, the talented Ras, the mysterious Siu Min, the serene Jocelyn, the motherly Evelyn, the friendly Fiona, the serious Pamela, the judicious Pearlyn and finally but certainly not the least, my wonderful Elizabeth.

I wish all of you the best of luck in everything that you do. This is not goodbye. We will meet again in the near future. Do visit me often in Cedar. You have my email, my blog, my website, my contact. Though 6-1'o7 has officially ended in Cedar, I'll always be your form-teacher/friend, whenever you need one.

Mr. Z


daigenia said...

MR Z ^^

`eli_++ said...

okayys, i know i'm commenting late. i read the entry earlier but ... lazy to comment. errr, can link me ??? PLEASE !!! and insert taggboard ^^ easier to comment.

Stefanie22 said...

Really...since u are so eager of coming to school everyday,why do u still complain?and am i that delightful?

gurlzgals said...

Mr. Z, im del from p5-1'08
WOW, what u wrote is really touching...i really think u enjoy teaching p6-1'07.hope p6-1'09 can b as good!!!