Saturday, April 19, 2008

National Museum Fieldtrip

We went to the new renovated National Museum yesterday. It was cool. I think it is even better than the one I went to, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Anyway, after that, some of us hang out at a place near the substation. It was cool. I had to go back earlier than the rest though. My marking is piling up and the exams are fast approaching.

Yes Carmen, there are many cats in this blog because I love cats. These cats though are the ones in Turkey. This lucky black cat here almost crossed my path while I was strolling in Topkapi Palace. It is therefore a palace cat!

Anyway, I just discovered that I'm featured in Ria's website. Sadly, it is true that I am swallowed whole, by my work. But that does not mean that my fight to raise environmental literacy and the awareness of Singapore's natural heritage has ended. I would also recommend you guys to visit the Brain Bits website, maintained by Mr Kua!

And please don't hate geography! It is only the best subject in the world...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back Ache, Old Students and Random Thoughts

Hi all,

Sorry for the longest time since my last update. Have been very busy with work. I'm again on MC today. I should not be. There is just too much work that I cannot afford time off from work but the doctor said I should rest at home. She gave me two days but I think I'll go to school tomorrow if my back improves. The P5 camp at Sarimbun was a blast! I have never enjoyed camp this much. Sorry if you could not be part of it. It was just way too far away from school to have involved you guys.

Anyway, I met my very old student in the camp who is now a high-rope element instructor! When I was 18, I volunteered in this association and led a dozen from the youth group to Mt. Ophir. He was one of them.To think that his very first camp and very first overseas trip was with me and now he is a camp instructor! Moments like this is what make me realize how right I was to have switched my carreer to what I am doing right now.

To top that, my very old student in another school that I was attached to six years ago, whom I taught only for two months, contacted me! He is now living in India and have just completed his O's. He was so proud to highlight the fact that he took his six months ahead of everyone else! Eli and Leon came to visit yesterday. Sorry guys if I could only talk to you for a short time. I have to clear so much work! Please please sms me next time before coming next time so that I can confirm the best time to visit. Same thing happened to TCC. He came to visit last Thursday but I had to go to Grange Road for a meeting!

I'm so excited this Sunday! I'm going to see JZ's choir performance.