Sunday, February 17, 2008

Four Hour Nature Walk and A Cat At The House of Mary

This Sunday morning, Jabbar, Maimon, Anita and I went for a four hour walk from Macritchie Reservoir all the way to Bukit Timah Nature Reserves.

We started at 0700hrs and reached BTNR Hindhede Park at about 11-ish. Went straight to the row of coffee shops infront of beauty world shopping center to eat back all the calories that we lost.

The funny things was that this time it was not as tiring as I felt the last time we did this, which was last month. That time, we had Bobby and his wife, my wife, Kat's husband and his colleague joining us as well. Maybe this time I was already fitter fro mthe last trip, though I sincerely doubt so.

We took the same route as last time but today we included the tree top walk as well. I can't wait for next month's walk. It sounds crazy but I truly enjoy these walks.

The photo of the cat, if I remembered correctly, is of the cat that I saw at the House of Virgin Mary in Turkey.

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