Thursday, February 7, 2008

CNY Reunion featuring the Cats of Hagia Sophia

It was a nice Chinese New Year's eve. My students, about 22 of them came back to visit their Cedar. Let me see... there was

Shao Wei, Grace, Leon, Xin Yu, Eli, Eve, Jany, Jonathan, Zhen Yu, Yong Jie, Sharon, Pamela, Ras, Sendil, Sin Hao, TJ, CC, Paul, Jeanne, ZX, Fiona, Eugene. Did I miss out anyone?

They were all so big and grown up! What happened to all my cute little students??!! Hah hah hah.

Some really changed a lot. The most changed would be Brenda of my Panther House. I really could not recognize her. Even my other students could not believe that she was Brenda

Students from my previous 4-4 also came. Shengnan, Vincent, Zhixian and Chun Wee. Sorry guys if I took some time to recall your names. It has been a while since I saw you.

What I really need to say is that the most rewarding moments in my life as a teacher is not when they revise our pay (of course I always welcome increments)... not when I win awards or stuff like that, but when wonderful students like you guys, especially my wonderful P6-1'o7, come back and visit me, with donuts or without.

You guys serve as a reminder that teaching is meaningful, and that I must work even harder for my current and future students. So to all those who visited me, a big thank you. To those who did not and could not (like Aaron, Albin, Nancy, Anisha, etc, etc), we still and will always remember you.

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