Sunday, March 16, 2008

To Love

Have you ever felt
Earth shattering stillness
Or heard your soul shout loud
As silence speaks…

Have you ever been at peace with anger
And not care any longer
Or blinded by seeing
As your senses are numbed
By feelings that you still despise


I am too drunk with soberness
Too tired with eagerness
Too jaded with enthusiasm

I am not the Messiah of the world you say
Enjoy the passing clouds, you utter
If only I can have the strength
To name one after you

You make me fall in love
When I am already in love
When I am already in pain
When I am already insane

You make me rethink life
When I thought I knew
When I thought I am certain
When I thought I was already me

It is at last,
The shadow of a thought that I loved
And love, I realize now
Life shall never be able
To give me what I need

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