Saturday, April 19, 2008

National Museum Fieldtrip

We went to the new renovated National Museum yesterday. It was cool. I think it is even better than the one I went to, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Anyway, after that, some of us hang out at a place near the substation. It was cool. I had to go back earlier than the rest though. My marking is piling up and the exams are fast approaching.

Yes Carmen, there are many cats in this blog because I love cats. These cats though are the ones in Turkey. This lucky black cat here almost crossed my path while I was strolling in Topkapi Palace. It is therefore a palace cat!

Anyway, I just discovered that I'm featured in Ria's website. Sadly, it is true that I am swallowed whole, by my work. But that does not mean that my fight to raise environmental literacy and the awareness of Singapore's natural heritage has ended. I would also recommend you guys to visit the Brain Bits website, maintained by Mr Kua!

And please don't hate geography! It is only the best subject in the world...

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