Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Science Videos

Sorry people. Busy past few weeks! The sports carnival was a blast... many of my students came back. They are all so big! Anyway... these are some interesting videos for Science! Parental guidance advised.

Feotus development










Saturday, May 3, 2008

JZ's Awesome Choir Performance, Sin's B'day and 4 lovely ladies

Sorry for the very late update. These last five weeks or so has just been so crazy! The only break I had was during JZ's choir performance! He was awesome. His choir group belted out many many nice song with some notes that were simply mind boggling. Well done JZ!

Another break I got was two days ago when Sin invited me to his house for his birthday lunch. My wife and I met Pearl, Eli and Jeremy there. Sin, I wish you a happy 13th birthday. May your teenage years bring you interesting and nice memories to last for the rest of your life.

I know this coming week is going to be another difficult week for me with the papers and all. How I long for my holiday. The last time I went for my well-deserved break, I met four unforgettable ladies. I can still remember them like it was just yesterday. It was at The Library of Celsius, in ancient Ephesus, in Turkey.

Built in 114 AD, and once hosted 12,000 scrolls, it sure has got to be the most appropriate setting to be introduced to "Arete" (Goodness), "Ennoia" (Thought), "Episteme" (Knowledge) and "Sophia" (Wisdom), four ancient statues that have existed since the ancient world.

Actually, they are replicas of the original, but hey, they are at the original site and that is good enough for me. Can't wait for inner Mongolia this June!